Beacon Academy


BEACON ACADEMY created two different products for the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago (NMHMC). The first is a documentary-based video including the following topics:

・historical aspect (history of the museum, including NMHM in Maryland)

・green aspect


・public access (general community outreach/public awareness)

・research (includes technological aspect)

・education and support for arts and science (specific community outreach)

The second product is a series of smaller, more promotional/informational videos touching on all of the above mentioned topics. These content-based videos range from one to three minutes. These "promos" have a commercial feel intended to inform the audience, raise awareness for the museum, and promote funding for the museum.  Historical images of the National Museum of Health and Medicine were used with their permission.

NMHMChicago Beacon promo1 from NMHMChicago on Vimeo.

NMHMChicago Beacon promo2 from NMHMChicago on Vimeo

NMHMChicago Beacon promo3 from NMHMChicago on Vimeo

NMHMChicago Beacon promo4 from NMHMChicago on Vimeo.

Advisor: Cheryl Klein.    Students: Alina Bagamanova, Mario Calero, Kylie Hicks, Megan Huro, Brandon Jones, Ed Mitchell, Brittney Nadler, Emily Rawden, Kaleigh Smith, Mike Spenk, Jordan Unger  

Beacon Academy presented Community Partner Awards to Mike Doyle and Cyndy Lilagan of the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago.


The Beacon Academy Statement:


Beacon Academy offers an innovative and challenging education based on Montessori principles that places a priority on experiential learning, entrepreneurial thinking, and in-depth interdisciplinary studies. Beacon students will master the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind necessary to meaningfully contribute to a complex and diverse world with compassion and confidence.


Beacon Academy is committed to academic excellence. In addition to foundational and elective coursework, Beacon Academy will offer the rigorous and well-regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in the 11th and 12th grades. The IB Programme and Montessori share a global perspective with a social focus and encourage students to think critically while synthesizing knowledge from multiple disciplines.


Inclusion:     We strive for a student body that is diverse, inclusive, empathetic, respectful of all members of its immediate and global communities, and eager to be socially responsible.

Innovation:     The Beacon Academy academic program is designed to be challenging, rigorous, engaging, and creative. Students are expected to go beyond comprehension, to think out of the box, and to incorporate learning from the multiple disciplines and sources of information and inspiration.

Independence:     Students at Beacon Academy are encouraged to think and act independently, to be active architects of their own education, to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom, and to do so respectfully and responsibly.

Interdependence:     At Beacon Academy students are expected to reach outside of the traditional classroom to connect with experts in the community and to collaborate with students, teachers, and researchers across the globe. It is a community school in the strongest sense, with partnerships across the educational spectrum.